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About La Paranera

Designed with love and generosity

Protected by the centennial trees and ancient orchards filled with fruits, La Paranera was born to receive those who seek the pleasure of resting. Located in the heart of Las Huertas de Comala reservation, our country house was designed with love and generosity, honoring the hands of Mexican artisans. Wake up in the middle of exuberant gardens, take a nap in a hammock lulled by the wind, take a walk in the trails of the reservation, relax in the pool, ride a bike to the center of the magical town of Comala, or discover the contemporary Comalteca cuisine at Cuaxiote, our signature restaurant, this is all part of a unique experience, respectful
with the environment and proud of its tradition.

Comalteco/a: adj. Referring to someone or something from Comala

An unrepeatable cuisine


The cuisine of Cuaxiote is not only unrepeatable because of the wild environment that makes this unique experience, but because of the wise conjunction of factors that have been created.


We honor the hands of our Comaltecan artisans, that is why each one of our rooms is named after the Mascaras de Suchitlan (Masks of Suchitlan). Each suite is designed differently which enhances the essence of the room without losing the highest quality standards.