(The Orchards)

La Paranera is the name of the wellspring of Las Huertas (The Orchards). Centuries ago, the inhabitants of Comala used to come to fill their jugs to this wellspring, where some grass, known as “pará” or “parán”, used to grow. In the middle of the 20th century, Don Samuel Fuentes Salazar, Comalteco of origin, became the custodian of this land and turned it into an orchard filled with fruits from this region, such as: Mamey sapote, guamúchil (Manila tamarind), coconut tree, guava, mango, soursop, coffee, etc. 70 years later, Don Samuel’s family keeps carrying on the legacy to preserve this unique micro ecosystem.

Designed with love and generosity

La Paranera arises to receive those who seek the pleasure of rest. Located in the heart of the Las Huertas de Comala reserve, our country house has been designed with care and generosity, honoring the hand of Mexican artists and artisans.


Wake up among lush gardens, take a nap in the hammock lulled by the wind, walk the trails of the reserve, relax by the pool, bike to the center of the magical town of Comala, or discover contemporary Comaltec cuisine at Cuaxiote, our signature restaurant, are part of this unique experience, respectful of the environment and proud of its tradition.