The Cuaxiote tree (Bursera multijuga) also known as cuajiote amarillo (yellow Cuaxiote), or papelillo rojo (red paper) because of the tree bark that resembles pieces of paper.

Comalteca Cuisine

Contemporary comalteca cuisine brings the best of several worlds together. The unparalleled quality of the regional products, harvested in the most respectful conditions of this region. The continuous presence of the prehispanic traditions, with their corn, their millenary stews and their endemic fruits. The undeniable footprint made by the cuisine from the Hacienda (a large landed estate) takes a deeply original twist. Due to the proximity to the sea, our cuisine takes that flavor from the coast and gets impregnated by the tropical forest. The cuisine of Cuaxiote is not only unrepeatable because of the wild environment that makes this unique experience, but because of the wise conjunction of factors that have been created by the hand of the chef.

Chef Amaury

In 1994, chef Amaury Roa was born in Mexico City, years later his family decided to move to Tijuana where his love for cooking started at a young age, due to his parents’ influence, who are hoteliers. He finished his studies at The Institute of Gastronomy in Baja California, Mexico.

At 20 years old, he began his experience with hotels, working as a waiter at the Rosarito Beach Hotel. During this time, he had the opportunity to work in gastronomic events in Valle de
Guadalupe, Baja California where he was instructed by great chefs from Baja California.

In search of a different experience, chef Amaury found an opportunity at La Chique Restaurant,
which was managed by Jonatan Gomez Luna, from whom Chef Amaury learned that the perfection of the dish is the most important part. His heart was reborn in Tras Horizontes restaurant, since the urban cuisine merges with the cocina de humo (smoked cuisine) to create passionate experiences, techniques taught by Chef Oso Campo and Chef Denisse Azarel.

Some time later, Chef Amaury met Chef Nico Mejia and got invited to be part of his team. After that, Chef Nico Mejía visited the restaurants Mexia and La Sal in Manzanillo, Chef Amaury got promoted to executive chef at the memorable restaurant Cuaxiote, in Comala, known as ‘’The White Village of America’’



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